Andrew Bonar
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Document of the 'Exegetical Society'

The original members of the 'Exegetical Society' included, besides Horatius and Andrew Bonar, William Laughton, Thomas Brown, Henry Moncreiff, William Wilson, John Thomson, Walter Wood, John Millar, Robert Hamilton, John Burne, Patrick Borrowman, Alex. Somerville, and Robert Murray M'Cheyne.
In 1838 the members list had obviously changed. The document reads:
"We, the undersigned members of the Exegetical Society hereby declare our intention to read during the course of next year the Books of Isaiah and Jeremiah or one or other of them in Hebrew - and one of the books of the New Testament in Greek."
Signed by: Henry Moncreiff, Andrew A. Bonar, Rob Kinnear, Thomas Brown, Walter Wood, John Thornton, Alexander Somerville, George Smeaton and Robert Murray M'Cheyne.

Document signed by Andrew A.Bonar

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