Andrew Bonar


Have not I written to thee excellent things in counsels and knowledge,
that I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth;
that thou mightest answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?
Proverbs 22: 20,21

Andrew Bonar was a gifted and faithful letter-writer. His letters are a delight to read, - uplifting and challenging, and often very humorous. He certainly 'answered the words of truth' to his correspondents. Many of the letters can be of great help to anyone in times of depression.
The letters below are from the book 'Reminiscences', and have not been in print since 1895.
Any notes and editorial comments are put in italics within brackets. Letters to each of the correspondents are on one page and in chronological order. The numbers in brackets indicate the number of letters to each person

Rev. A.N.Somerville Glasgow (8)
Rev. John Purves, Jedburgh (1)
Mr. James Mudie, Montrose (3)
Mrs. Mudie (1)
Rev. James Manson (4) (The second letter here is one that every preacher should read)
Mrs. Manson (1)
Mr. William Bonar his brother (1)
Mrs. William Bonar his sister-in-law (2)
Rev. John Milne, Perth (13)
Mrs. Milne on the death of her father (1)
Mr. William Dickson Edinburgh (5)
Mrs. Grant his sister-in-law, on the death of her husband, the Rev. Wm. Grant of Cavers (1)
A friend in Blairgowrie (2)
Rev. J.H.Wilson Edinburgh (3)
Mr. Robert Young Edinburgh (1)
Rev. Dr. John J. Bonar his brother, Greenock (1)
Mr. D. Maclagan (Gives some interesting details about his time as a missionary with R.S. Candlish)(1)
Rev. Horatius Bonar his brother (2)
Mrs. Horatius Bonar his sister-in-law (2)
Isabella, his daughter (1)
Mr. David Dickson, his brother-in-law (1)
Written for one in spiritual despair (1)
His son James (2)
Mrs. James Bonar, his daughter-in-law (1)
Mr. and Mrs. James Bonar, Hampstead (1)
Miss Anne Whittit (2)
A schoolboy in London (1)
His niece in school at Kelso (1)
Rev. Dr. MacDonald, North Leith (3)
Mrs. Thom, Aberfeldy (2)
Rev. Malcolm White, Blairgowrie (1)
Mr. Lewis Grant, his nephew, Kirkcaldy (1)
Miss Clarke, Edinburgh (1)
Miss M. Johnstone, Helensburgh (1)
Mr. Wikinson at the Mildmay Mission to the Jews (1)
The Misses Church, Glasgow (1)
A servant in his congregation (1)
Rev. J.H.Thomson, Hightae (1)
Rev. William Armstrong, Rutherglen (2)
Rev. Duncan Stewart, Hawick (1)
The Misses Leiper, Crossford (1)
Miss Macphun, Zenana Mission, Benares, India (1)
Mrs. R. M. Ballantyne, his niece, Harrow-on-the-Hill (1)
Rev. Andrew Inglis, Dundee (2)
Rev. D.M.M'Intyre, College Park, on his acceptance of the call to Finnieston (1)
Mr. Robert Noble, Clapham (1)
Rev. Dr. Andrew, Glasgow (1)
Rev. Dr. Bannerman, Perth (1)
A friend in the country (1)
Dr Moody Stuart (1)

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The letters are mostly transcribed from Reminiscences of Andrew A.Bonar D.D. first published
27 Paternoster Row
HTML transcription files copyright © 2001-2017.

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