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"But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God;
and that believing ye might have life through his name."
John 20:31

All through his ministry Andrew Bonar felt that his love of books and studying were pulling him away from the need to pray for his people. "It is a wasting of my zeal upon things not immediately required."
He would very likely have written more books if he had not been so conscious of this.
Nevertheless, he wrote quite a few books, articles and tracts, and to great effect. Some of the reactions to these in his time (mostly from his diary) will in time be added to the details about his books.
These reactions did not in any way make him feel proud of his achievements. When he was in America, in 1881, he wrote: "And it is most interesting as well as humbling to me also to find how many ministers and students and others spoke about Robert M'Cheyne's Life as very useful to them."
The desire behind the writing of all his books, tracts and articles was that souls might be brought to Jesus Christ.
The one book he was constantly studying was his beloved Bible.

Books, tracts and articles by Andrew A. Bonar

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Books, tracts, and articles by Andrew A. Bonar

As far as known, all works have been put under the year of first publication. Also subsequent dates of further editions are given. Any corrections and additions will be gratefully received.

The Jews:
Letter from the Rev. Andrew A. Bonar.
J. Lindsay, 1841 (12pp with cover title)

The conversion of the Jews:
Lecture 2, The first captivity and restoration of the Jews, viewed in reference to the coming of the Messiah.

Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews From the Church of Scotland in 1839.

Written by A. A. Bonar and R. M. M'Cheyne.
Edinburgh 1842
There is an interesting comment in 'Chapters from the History of the Free Church of Scotland by Rev. N.L.Walker:
"Dr Bonar became the historiographer of the mission, and his Narrative continues to be one of the most delightful books of travel ever published." (p. 168)
This has been republished by Christian Focus - edited by Allan M. Harman, with an introduction. ISBN 1 85792 2581 D (448pp)
Unfortunately many of the very fascinating details have been left out of this edited publication.

Reasons for religious people taking a lively interest in the present position of the Church of Scotland.
Stirling Observer Office 1842 (8 pp)
"Issued under authority of the "Stirling Anti-Erastian and Non-Intrusian Association"

The Memoir of Robert M'Cheyne.

Dundee:Wm. Middleton 1844
Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, Edinburgh, 1892 - New edition, with appendices, facsimiles of writings etc. (648pp.)
Religious Tract Society, 1894 (New edition, as 1892)
Centenary edition, Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1913 (628pp.)
This was published in March, about a year after Robert Murray M'Cheyne had died at the age of 29.
It was re-published by The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh. ISBN 0 85151 084 1 (£17.95 cloth-bound 664pp.)
It has also been published in paperback without the 'remains' as 'The life of R.M.M'Cheyne' by the Banner of Truth Trust. ISBN 0-85-151-085 X (192pp. £3.25)
An on-line edition of the book is available.
27 March 1846: "Received a letter to-day telling me of the blessed effects of Robert M'Cheyne's Memoir on one in London..."
1 May 1853: "After my Communion I heard of blessing upon the Memoir of Robert M'Cheyne in the case of one in Edinburgh."
17 November 1860: "Got to-night from Holland a Dutch translation of M'Cheyne's Memoir. Praise the Lord, O my soul, that thus good is done in foreign lands by that book."
13 July 1876: "A minister from America cheered me greatly by telling me how M'Cheyne's Memoir has been used there.

Baptism briefly opened up and applied, etc.

Kelso: Border Watch Office 1844.

To the members and adherents of the Free Church, Collace, in regard to the Sustentation or Pastoral Fund.
Perth : J. Fisher, Printer (3 pp)

A Commentary on Leviticus, expository and practical; with critical notes.
London, J.Nisbet & Co. 1846.
London, J.Nisbet & Co. 2nd Edition,1847. A fold-out page at the front of the book shows the Tabernacle.
London, James Nisbet, 3rd ed. 1852
London, James Nisbet, 5th ed. 1875
Reprinted and published by the Banner of Truth Trust. ISBN 0-85-151-086-8. (544 pp. cloth-bound £11.95)
Also recently re-published by Sovereign Grace Publishers. ISBN 1-58960-004-5 (hardback, 224 pp.)
There is a review of this book in 'The Princeton Review'. Volume 20, issue 1 - New York, Jan 1848., and the work on Leviticus is said to be 'one of the most truly evangelical and edifying lately published...' This can be read on the MOA bibliographic citation website.
14 December 1850: "In returning yesterday from Markinch Fast-Day, found a letter waiting me which told me of the good tidings of a soul saved through reading my Commentary on Leviticus-the captain of a steamer in the Thames."
Comment by C.H.Spurgeon: "Very precious. Mr. Andrew Bonar has a keen eye for a typical analogy, but he always keeps his rein on his imagination, and is therefore safe to follow. He is a master in Israel".

Redemption drawing nigh: a defence of the premillenial advent.

London, James Nisbet and Co., 1847

The Lord's supper explained, for the use of a class of young communicants.
William Middleton, 1847 (27pp)

Letters of Samuel Rutherford.
Edited by the Rev. A.A.Bonar...Containing several letters not before published, etc.
Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1848, 1891, 1899
Edinburgh: W.White & Co, 1848

The ransom for many - an address to children.
Published by Peter Drummond, 185...? (8pp)

Nettleton and his labours
: being the memoir of Dr. Nettleton by Bennet Tyler, D.D., remodelled in some parts, with occasional notes and extracts, and specimens of his sermons and addresses, and an introduction.
Edinburgh 1854
Re-published by The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh as 'Life and labours of Asahel Nettleton' by Bennet Tyler and Andrew Bonar. ISBN 0-85151-701-3 (paperback 450 pp. £5.95) There are also two reviews.

Emilia Geddie, a child of the Covenant who died in 1681:
an example alike to young and old.
Republished with notes from the earlier editions.
John Greig & Son, 1855 (90pp)

The Visitor's Book of Texts
- The Word brought nigh to the sick and sorrowful.
A practical book giving guidance for pastoral visiting to the ill, dying, and bereaved.
London, Nisbet & Co. 1856
Robert Carter & Brothers, 1867
Baker Book House, 1982, (ISBN 0-8010-0817-4, paperback, 230pp.)
Chapter 4 was printed in a shortened form in the 'Christian Treasury' in 1858, with the comment from the editor: "We are surprised to see that this invaluable work has only reached a second edition. It ought to be in the hands of every pastor, elder, deacon, city missionary, and district visitor in the country."

The Fear Nots of the Old and New Testaments.

Tract, published by the Religious Tract and Book Society of Scotland.
Part of this Tract was printed in 'The Christian Treasury' of 1858 (Edinburgh, London), and can be read on a separate page here. The Editor called this "a delightful little Tract."

Readings in 1 Chronicles.
Articles contributed to the 'Quarterly Journal of Prophecy' from 1857 - 1861.

The Gospel pointing to the Person of Christ.
J & J. H. Rutherford 1868 (106pp)
Edinburgh: A.Stevenson, 1888 (120pp)
1988 - Republished by Christian Focus as "The Person of Christ". ISBN 0 906731 83 6 (120pp)

Christ and His Church in the Book of Psalms.

London, James Nisbet & Co, Berners Street - 1859
Kregel Publications 1978
NewIn May 2001 it is re-published in hard-back by Tentmaker under the title "Christ and His Church".
It is available from ICM Christian Books , (at £15.95) 10 Knightsbridge, Dollingstown, Craigavon, N.Ireland BT 66 7 DB. Tel. 028 3832 1488. Email: orders
His prayer was: May the Lord use it to lead many to see their full provision in Christ!" In the preface he says: "There is, we might say, a past, a present, and a future element." He also mentions that the notes originally appeared in the "Quarterly Journal of Prophecy."
Two examples of these Psalms - Psalm 13 and Psalm 77 - are on separate pages.
C.H. Spurgeon quoted several times from this commentary in his 'Treasury of David', and also said: "Of the highest order of merit. The author does not strain the text, but gives it real meaning. His remarks are always weighty, spiritual, and suggestive; we only wish there were more of them. He has cultivated brevity."

The Books of the Old Testament: being brief notes on the contents of each book specially intended for the young.
J. Nisbet, 1859 (34pp)

The Old Gospel Way : or, the Marrow of what old Divines have said upon the Gospel..
Edited by A.A.B.
James Taylor, Edinburgh, 1859. (195pp.)
Fourth edition, 1878. (191pp.)

The manslayer's flight.
New Year's address - with illustrations.
Charles Glass & Co, ca 1860 (32pp)

Young men invited to join Christ's standard.
J. Greig, 1860 (8pp)

What gives assurance.
Originally a sernmon preached at Ferryden, during the revival in 1859.
George Walker; W.P.Kennedy; James Nisbet and Co., 1860
In his diary on 5 May 1871 Andrew Bonar writes: "Yesterday I got two letters telling me of souls blessed, one by my tract on Assurance..."

newly uploaded text Memoir of the Life and brief Ministry of the Rev. David Sandeman, missionary to China.
London: J. Nisbet, 1861.
In the same year he writes: "Heard of some cases wherein Sandeman's Life has been used."
New York : Robert Carter & Brothers, 1861 (313pp)
There was a review of this book in The New Englander and Yale review, Vol. 19. Issue 74, April 1861, pp524.
This review can be read on-line at the Cornell University Library.

Letters of Samuel Rutherford:
with biographical sketches of his correspondents. (He finished this in October 1862)
Edinburgh: W.P.Kennedy, 1863
Letters of Samuel Rutherford: with a sketch of his life and biographical notes of his correspondents.
Edinburg, 1891 (preface: "The edition is the same as that of 1863, in two volumes, with but slight alterations")
Republished by The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh as an abridged edition, containing 69 of the letters. ISBN 0-85151-163-5 (paperback, 208 pp. £2.50)
The complete hardback version by the Banner of Truth is out of print.

Victory over sin.

Charles Glass & Co. ca. 1865 (24pp with cover title)

Coming to Christ.
Charles Glass & Co. ca. 1865 (22pp)
A shortened version was printed in 'The Christian Treasury' in 1873.

Winning Christ.
Glass & Co., Glasgow.
Part of this was published in 'The Christian Treasury' in 1873.

The true heaven, and the way to it. New Year address for 1862
Glass and Duncan ca. 1865 (22pp)

Palestine for the young.
London, The Religious Tract Society 1866. (368pp)

Articles on the Twelve Tribes.
Contributed to 'The Scattered Nation.'

The Scapegoat. Published in 'The Sunday at Home': A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading.
3 March 1866 (No. 618)

The Cup of Wrath.

This is mentioned in the diary on 30th January, but may have been published earlier.

Ecclesiastical obedience
: a respectful answer to Dr. Candlish's appeal
Rev. A. Moody Stuart, and Rev. Andrew A. Bonar
Edinburgh : John Maclaren. Glasgow : David Bryce & Son, 1871 (16pp)

Angel Workers: An address given at a worker's meeting.
Published in The Christian Treasury, pp.445 - 449. Edinburgh, Johnstone Hunter & Co 1873
Charles Glass, 1880 (23pp)
Also published in the second part of 'Reminiscences' in 1895, but has never been republished.
It was also published in The Christian Treasury, pp.445 - 449
Published Edinburgh, Johnstone Hunter & Co 1873
It is a moving account of the ministry of angels.

Twelve Communion Sermons by the Rev. Samuel Rutherford
with a Preface and Notes by Rev. Andrew A. Bonar D.D.
Glasgow: Charles Glass & Co, 1876.
Reprinted with two more sermons as Fourteen Communion Sermonsin 1877. ('Second Edition, Enlarged')
This edition has been republished by James A. Dickson, Edinburgh, in 1986. ISBN 0 9511484 0 0.

A Tribute to Thomas Pitcairn.
From the 'Disruption Worthies', a memorial of 1843.
Edinburgh, John Greig & Son, 1876. (343 pp)

Gospel Truths.

Charles Glass & Co. Glasgow 1878.

The Brook Besor: words for those who must tarry at home.

London, J.Nisbet & Co. 1879. (105pp)
One of the chapters 'Praise' was reprinted in 'The Christian Treasury' in 1879.
The editor of this article says about the book: "A little book full of the unction, the Biblical knowledge and impassioned earnestness so characteristic of its author. It will be as much prized by those who can at their pleasure leave home, as by those who must tarry at home."
On 1 June 1879 Andrew Bonar writes in his diary: "My little book, The Brook Besor, has been already found comforting to some of God's saints."

The Scots Worthies according to Howie's second edition, 1781: with explanatory notes, supplementary matter, a full index of persons and places, and an appendix of sermons.
Glasgow: J. M'Gready, 1880 (746 pp)
Printed with two columns per page, and illustrations.

Awakened and saved.
London, Religious Tract Society, no.546, 187? (4 pp)

A Protest for Reverence.

Scottish tracts for the times (series 7)
Concerns controversy over William Robertson Smith's article "The Bible" in Encyclopaedia Britannica, thought by the Free Church to be libellous.
Edinburgh MacNiven & Wallace 1880

James Scott, a Labourer for God.

London (1885)

Quaint Sermons (eighteen in number) of Samuel Rutherford with a prefatory note by Rev. And. A. Bonar.
Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1885
This is listed in the posthumous works of Rutherford in Bonar's 1891 edition of Rutherford's letters, and it has the note: "never before published". Andrew Bonar was a great admirer of Rutherford and had collected all his works. These sermons were taken down in short-hand by a hearer and put in a manuscript.
Re-published by Soli Deo Gloria Publications in 1999. ISBN 1-57358-101-1 (hardback 384pp.)

Bearing the yoke in youth:
a New Year's address to the young.
Charles Glass, ca. 1890 (30pp)

Unknown date:
Holiness: What God Offers and Makes Possible to Attain.
How Faith "Receives Christ, and Rests in Him."
The Holy Spirit Convincing.

Drummond's Tract Depot, Stirling. (all 16 pp)

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Selections from works and sermons etc. published posthumously

Andrew A. Bonar D.D. Diary and Letters
transcribed and edited by Marjory Bonar.
London, Hodder & Stoughton,1894
Popular edition, 1910
Republished by The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh. ISBN 0-85151-432-4 (554 pp. cloth-bound £11.95)

Reminiscences of Andrew A. Bonar D.D.
Letters, sermons and addresses etc. / edited by Marjory Bonar
London, Hodder & Stoughton 1895
This contains reminiscences by his daughter, and also letters, sermons and addresses.
The first part of this - the reminiscences - has been republished in 1999 as "Andrew Bonar, The Good Pastor" by Ambassador. ISBN 1-84030-045-0 (Paperback 153 pp.)
It has also been included in the Diary and Letters, published by the Banner of Truth Trust.
The articles, letters and sermons are on the Sermons page):
Article by Andrew Bonar 'The Value of a Thought' - History of a Model of the Tabernacle, 1879. Read on separate page.

Heavenly Springs (selections from diary, letters and sermons)
Marjory Bonar
London 1904
Re-published by The Banner of Truth Trust in 1991. ISBN 0-85151-4790 (paperback 244 pp. £3.95)

Wayside Wells - Thoughts for Sabbath evenings, selected from writings and sermons.
Marjory Bonar
London 1908

Sheaves after Harvest - addresses
Edited by Marjory Bonar
London (1936)
One of the chapters is 'The Mercy Seat' and is an enlargement of a Tract published by the Scottish Monthly Tract Society. Can be read here on a separate page. (All other addresses will be added on the Sermons page.)

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Books about or mentioning Andrew A. Bonar

Infant Baptism. Is it of God? A reply to Dr. A.Bonar etc.
By A. Lorimer
Glasgow, 1885 (31pp.)

Ministerial Jubilee of Rev. Andrew A. Bonar : report of celebration in the Queen's Rooms, Glasgow
Thursday 29th November 1888

The Hidden Life of Prayer.
Re-issued by Christian Focus Publications in 1989
By Rev. David Martin M'Intyre, D.D., colleague (1891) and successor of Dr. Andrew Bonar. He married Jane Christian Bonar, the third daughter of Andrew Bonar.

The Life of the Rev. Dr. Andrew A. Bonar ; also tributes to his greatness by ministers of various denominations.
Fergus Ferguson
Glasgow: Rae, ca. 1893

One of his flock - A loving tribute to the Rev. Andrew A. Bonar
by one of his flock

Dr. Andrew Bonar : lessons from his life, etc.
Drummond's tract Depot, Stirling, 1895. 31pp.

The communicant's remembrancer; a revision and abridgement of Bonar's explanation of the Lord's Supper.
Thomas M.B.Paterson
Hamilton, 1898

Dr. Andrew A. Bonar as a Preacher.
David Martin Macintyre.
Pickering & Inglis, London. 1934. (pp.22) - Reprinted from "The Modern Puritan." With a portrait.

Off the main road, A history of Collace Parish -
produced by the Collace Parish Millennium Committee in November 2000

The Scotsman - Item from 21st January 1892.

in The Scotsman on 31st December 1892 announcing his death.

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